When I began this blog a few years ago, I envisioned the possibility of it becoming a discussion forum by attracting like minded others. Though it may be attracting those like minded others, the interactivity is not what I had hoped for.  So, OK, I give up. Let this blog be what it already is, my own personal blog.  I try to create informative posts illustrating my challenges and experiments.  People are, as always, welcome to post comments, questions, information or links here – according to the appropriate category  – anything that relates to the knowledgeable use of craft in making fine art.

To be fair, there are some great forums already out there  full of rich experience, depending on your speciality and interest.  For informative troubleshooting here are my favorites : egg tempera.com run by the Society of Tempera Painters  –  for egg tempera enthusiasts. Due to technical reasons, it’s not possible to actively participate in the discussion forum any more, however the wealth of information in the archive is worthwhile and viewable; MITRA a non-profit forum managed by knowledgeable conservators at the University of Delaware. I highly recommend the MITRA forum. It’s interactive. You will get a quick, informative response to your technical questions. If you want to avoid errors I’d suggest using them as your first stop. These sites are noted as well as a list of art manuals on my Resources page.

This particular blog began by transposing the technical info from my own personal HTML website.  That info had been there for years, but has now become more interactive and dynamic. It’s easier to update and categorise. The information here then is from my own experience.  It has been arranged into various categories according to the topics on the right.  I am continually adding to that knowledge with new projects.  The blog format works very well for that and turns out to be a good complement to my gallery website – which has also become a blog format.

Finally. I am not setting myself up as an expert of any sort (other than that of experimentation) and I would not encourage anyone else to do so, either.  Let this space be the kind of open, informative possibility that the internet fosters. To comment on a particular post,  just click on the small word “Comment” at the end of the text, create a user name and supply an email address (for WordPress validation and not for me) and you’re off and running.  Abusive content, personal advertisements and spamming, etc… will be banned.  Otherwise, please consider yourself welcome – and have at it.

10 Responses to “Welcome to Atelier Artisanal”

  1. gina pruia Says:

    Hi, Ellen

    It’s such a nice surprise. Each painting is so fresh, so different from one other even that the viewer has the same perspective.
    And for the rest of the sit, I think that is so difficult to find digested information about techniques to paint. I find that is a big and unselfish effort. Thank you for sharing with us. By, G.

  2. Hi Ellen,
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to distill this really useful information. I’m sure I’ll check back from time to time as I need a specific nugget of instruction included here.
    Happy painting, your website looks good, too.

  3. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for doing this, there is a great deal of helpful information on this site!

    Do you subscribe to International Artist magazine? It’s very good, too.


    Katie Horacek

  4. Alex Hunter Says:

    My name is Alex Hunter. I make high end carved gallery frames in Toronto Canada. I am originally from Belgium. Can anyone tell me if there is an art magazine published in Belgium .
    Alex Hunter
    Paramount Picture Frames
    Toronto Canada

    • Hi Alex,
      In what language? High end contemporary art? Surely there is, surf around and you might find something? I can look too, but I don’t know of anything off hand.

  5. So glad Ellen has produced the ‘fertile soil’ for planting our seeds of faith’ in ourselves as creative visual artists. I hope to contribute more after Open Studios week at Redearth in Bickleigh, Devon, where I have my workshop…..Nigel.

  6. diacrarne Says:

    Oh my god loved reading your article. I submitted your feed to my reader.

  7. This was refreshingly different. I just posted about indirect painting techniques and referred my readers to you. Thank you.

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